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The Royal Windvillage, Waterfront Holiday Homes, Garden & Spa!
General conditions of accommodation, service & cancellation of The Royal Windvillage


Our location

Our facilities are located right at the beach, in the heart of Ilha do Guajiru, internationally known for the beauty of it's beaches, dunes, lagoons and abundant nature, a perfect place for your holiday.

Our formal address is:

The Royal Windvillage Waterfront Holiday Homes, Garden & Spa!
Via Costeira 21 -Praia da Barra 21
CEP 62590-000
Ilha do Guajirú - Itarema
Ceará (CE)

Our Accommodation

The accommodation we offer and furnish is as stated on this website. We have described it in good faith as correct and complete as possible representing the status of it at the date these conditions were published on this website. Since reservations and rentals are taking place every day ever since, the status of our property and accommodation however may have changed. For this reason, we cannot accept any financial liability for any default or change on the accommodation offered and supplied to you.

Our services & facilities

The services & facilities we offer and provide are as stated on this website or in our communications with you in writing. It is our goal to do our best to provide you these. Should we fail to provide them, then we will do our utmost to repaid this default from our side. In the case we don't manage so, we however don't accept any (financial) liability on this basis.


Our check-in & check-out times

The Royal Windvillage entertains check-in and check-out times as stated elsewhere on this website. Other check in and check out times may be agreed by our caretaker.

Our caretaker

At arrival, you may ask our caretaker any questions related to your stay in The Royal Windvillage. On arrival he/she will provide you also with the key(s) and all check-in information. He/she is also available for any questions during your stay. At check-out, please return the key to him/her. If keys are not returned, the Royal Windvillage may charge you the key replacement, or afterwards, via the credit card details furnished by you, for which the guests give upfront authorization.

Our request to care about our property

We expect all guests of the Royal Windvillage to treat our property and in- and outside belongings with care, clean and intact, as if it was yours.

After all, after your holiday the next guests also expects and enjoys the same luxury, state and cleanliness of the accommodation and facilities of the Royal Windvillage as you experienced it when you entered. If there are imperfections or defaults in the accommodation or facilities, please notify our caretaker so we may take the necessary action. If anything of our accommodation or facilities is broken or damaged due to you, we reserve the right to charge you related to this, in cash at check-our or via the credit card details obtained from you.

Our silence

Please respect other guests staying at the Royal Windvillage. Due to this basic rule it is not allowed to make any noise the disturbs other guests. Should this occur, then please inform our caretaker so he may request the related guest to stop such disturbance.

In case any request of our caretaker is not respected by the disturbing guest, such guest may in the ultimate case be removed from the Royal Windvillage.

Our swimming pool

It is not allowed for any other people than our guests use of the swimming pool, unless the caretaker approved so upfront to you.

It is not allowed to enter the pool with any materials or products that may affect the status of the water or the pool or that hinder other guests the free/unlimited use by the pool.

Explicitly not allowed is to use any glass, glasses, chemicals or dangerous materials of any other kind into the pool. On turning dark, the use of the pool is prohibited, since it will be needed to prepare the pool for the next day by putting the relative chemicals and clean it.

Our guest only policy

It is not allowed to bring in or let stay (during the day or night) other people (friends, relatives or other) stay inside the Royal Windvillage without the explicit authorization of our caretaker.

Our furniture

All furniture, decoration or belongings of the Royal Windvillage may not be taken off the site and are for the strict use of guests only during their stay, in the Royal Windvillage.

Our pet animal & pets policy

(House)animals & pets are not allowed in the Royal Windvillage. This, since their presence, waste and noise may hinder other guests.

Our storage

We request all guests not to use any of the apartments, garden, office or other as storage. For this purpose we have special lockers in the back of the building.

Our food & drinks policy

The Royal Windvillage features it's own bar & restaurant. Due to this, no brought in food or drinks are allowed inside the property. Any guests disrespecting this policy may be rejected their entrance and use of the property. In such case no refund will be made for the accommodation.

Our aim to avoid theft

The Royal Windvillage has a wide covering camera system to watch over the belongings of the oyal Windvillage and her guests.

The Royal Windvillage however cannot be held responsible resp. does not accept any liability in case of any theft, losses or damage, should this happen.


The Royal Windvillage is not responsible for any inconveniences coming from other guests or any other person of factor in-or outside the Royal Windvillage.

In case of any inconveniences that cannot be solved by our caretaker on location, kindly send your e-mail to:

bookings@thewindvillage.com. The owner then will revert to you to consider the case.



Reservations can be made online on this website or by sending the Royal Windvillage your mail.

If you prefer a specific apartment location, please inform us upfront so we may try to manage this apartment for you. However, since we are a relatively small hotel, we cannot guarantee such apartment should we be forced at any time to change it.

If, in an unfortunate event, we are forced to offer you a different class apartment then booked and paid for, we will try to accommodate you with a free upgrade. Should this not be possible then we are maximum liable for reimbursement to you of any price difference for a lower class.


Once a reservation/booking is confirmed by us, you will receive a confirmation from us in writing stating all details of your reservation by means of a voucher.

All guests are obliged to check all information on the voucher as being correct and complete. Should this not be the case then you are to notify The Royal Windvillage within 48 hours from receipt of such confirmation, so we can agree any corrections. In some cases a voucher is sent by us before receipt of the full payment: in such case our administration is final and binding on the receipt yes or not of the full payment by us.

Our stay

The Royal Windvillage reserves the right to change guests to another apartment during the stay when this is needed to optimize our occupation rate. In such case no financial compensation can be claimed, unless you are changed to a lower class category apartment.

Payment & price

All our bookings/reservations are subject to receipt of the full payment (latest at check-in date).

All prices & rates stated on this website are basis full prepayment in cash or by bank transfer. This way, we are able to offer the lowest possible rates to all guests.

For other payment terms then cash or bank transfer we apply surcharges depending the payment mode.

At any time, regardless the agreed payment terms (if different then our standards terms) we reserve the right to demand full pre-payment from our guests.

Our cancellation policy

The Royal Windvillage maintains a strict cancellation policy. Once a reservation is made, in principle no cancellation is possible after that. This way, our rates are lowest possible and very competitive.

In some cases, if confirmed by us in writing, we may apply different cancellation policies. Such different cancellation policies and rules may be obtained from us, feel free to contact us.

We recommend you to check the terms and conditions of your travel-insurance in the event of any unforeseen cancellation(s).


By accessing/using this website and/or it's information, the visitor agrees with this disclaimer.


The webmaster of the Royal Windvillage acts on behalf of the Royal Windvillage administrator of this website.


All information on this website has been carefully composed. Yet it is possible that any information is not correct, incomplete and/or not current anymore. Neither the Royal Windvillage nor the webmaster of the Royal Windvillage can be held responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.


Visitors and/or users of this website cannot derive any rights from the information on this website.

All information displayed on this website is copyrighted and/or intellectual property rights apply. Unless stated otherwise, intellectual property rights apply to the texts, sounds, images, photographs, videos, trademarks, logos and other materials owned by or licensed to the Royal Windvillage. It is not permitted to reproduce this website or parts of this website, sell, rent or store data without the prior consent of the Royal Windvillage. Certain hyperlinks on this website, will bring the visitor or user to third party websites. The Royal Windvillage accepts no liability for any information provided therein.

Camera survey

Our premises are surveyed by a camera system for your and our safety and comfort.

By entering or staying at the Royal Windvillage, all guests explicitly accept this.


The Royal Windvillage resp. www.thewindvillage.com entertain high ethical standards including respect for our guest's privacy. Unless in case of crime (investigation) and/or a court order demanding our cooperation, we won't disclose your personal information or images/videro's to any third parties without your consent or expose them on the media or internet.


The (financial) liability of the Royal Windvillage resp. Beachlife Imóvies do Brasil ltda. is at all times limited to the sum paid by our guests for their stay.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The use of the website is governed by Dutch law. The Royal Windvillage strives to succeed alternative dispute solutions arising from a visit of the Windvillage or www.thewindvillage.com If any solution for any dispute is not possible, the dispute may only be submitted to the competent Dutch court at 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

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