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The Windvillage, Waterfront Holiday Homes, Garden & Spa, is located at the world's most windsure location: 

Ilha do Guajiru! Here, at this kite- and windsurfers paradise, you are sure of wind really everyday!

Not just a few seasonal months like in most other places but simply everyday!

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This is also why the spot has meanwhile made a big name worldwide.

Besides of the best waterconditions (huge flatwater & 3 wavespots
nearby) you will face wind to kite- and windsurf really everyday!

To give you a preview of the conditions you may expect at Ilha do Guajiru, we herewith offer you a look at the island's windstatistics 2009 / 2010: you will probably not believe it...!



If you are tired of sitting at the beach, waiting for wind during your long deserved holiday, book the Windvillage at Ilha do Guajiru: the best accommodation at the world’s windiest spot, with a stonehard windguarantee!


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