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Wind & Wind Guarantee conditions for free stay at the Windvillage

1. Between June and Jan the guarantee stands for everyday wind, so each day the wind is insufficient to practice your favourite sport, you stay at the Windvillage for free!

2. Between Feb to May the guarantee stands for minimum 50% wind, so every day more without wind, you stay at the Windvillage for free!

3. The windguarantee is available at 10 pct "insurance premium" (over the bookings value).
Want to book the windguarantee?
Contact us while booking so we can arrange it for you!

Wind Guarantee The WindVillage



A wind day is registered when the wind blows:

min. 12 knots or more!
min. 1.5 hours or more!
between 06.00 and 18.00 hrs!

This applies to 1 and 2 as stated above. Arrival and departure days are excluded from the wind guarantee.

If you think N-E Brazil is only a destination to visit late autumn, you are simply mistaken!

Visit Ilha do Guajiru, the world's windiest spot, all year round...

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